All About The Executive Office Of The President

The Senior White House Counsellor is the senior-most employee of the Executive Office of the President and is in charge of dealing with all personnel issues and administrative concerns of the president. It is the job of this person to coordinate policy with other members of the White House staff and also the National Security Council,as well as coordinate with the departments of State,Defense and Homeland Security. The Senior Counsellor has a high degree of responsibility,and may not be the most qualified individual to hold such a position. He or she must have knowledge of all areas of the federal government,as well as have a vast network of contacts throughout the executive branch. These contacts include the secretaries and undersecretaries of State,Defense,Homeland Security,the director of the CIA,and members of Congress.
The Chief of Staff of the White House is the top-ranking official of the executive office of the president and is essentially the president’s second in command. The Chief of Staff must be a former member of Congress and should not be a political appointee. The Chief of Staff must be able to delegate authority to other members of his or her staff and must understand that the best policy will be the one that is most efficiently carried out. In addition to being the president’s most trusted aide,he or she is also responsible for coordinating with the staff and the national security council. The Chief of Staff can also make critical decisions on behalf of the president,which would affect the operations of his or her office. As the Chief of Staff,he or she is also responsible for keeping the president informed about all major decisions and may also be asked to make recommendations about legislation.
In summary,the executive office of the president is a very important part of the government and serves as an important focal point for policy implementation. This office should be staffed with the best possible people who know their job well and are highly qualified to make decisions based on the best available information. The chief of staff must be able to communicate with the president,other members of his or her staff,members of Congress,and other officials in the executive branch.